Monday, January 30, 2012

Ex Boyfriend at a Wedding Show...yea

Good Monday all! I have had one helluva day. Besides the fact that I just found out I have to pay thousands of dollars to fix my car, I owe even more money in taxes and I just spent hundreds on boots (prior to knowledge of money owed); my work phone has been ringing off the the hook with wedding room inquiries.  For those of you that don't know, I'm a sales manager (amongst other things) at a popular hotel chain. And I went to the Charleston Wedding Show a couple of Sundays ago to represent our management company. It was kind of fun actually. The gal who came with me (another sales manager within our company) is a pretty cool chick.  And one of our Regional Managers was there too, but he's good people. Moving on...we had a kick ass display, we were meeting tons of bride and momzillas to be, and killing it! All of a sudden, I scan the crowd and see one of my exes walking in the crowd in the general vacinity towards our booth. He was with a girl who I can safely assume was his fiance. They were at a wedding show afterall. My chest tightened. How is this guy getting married?? Really?? I did break up with him. But that was because he was a sociopath, had no drivers license due to 2 previous DUIs and was a line cook at a bar...needless to say I broke up with him... via text message. I know I know...that's horrible! But I hate confrontation and don't worry...I got what karma intended because of that: Seeing him at a wedding show...with his fiance. Anyway, so I scooted out to "use the rest room." When I got back I told my co-worker that I totes just dodged a bullet. I told her the situation and naturally she asked, "what's his name?" Jesus Christ...really? I could not for the life of me remember his name! Granted it was a couple years ago and we only dated a few months, but is that terrible? When you've been single for the greater part of the last 5 years and your open to dating, it's safe to say you'll rack up some short lived romances yes? Is it sad to say I can't remember all of their names? Is it even sadder that I'm actually bummed out that this mystery named man is getting married even though I broke up with him? I don't know. I just find it to be interesting that a single line chef with no car is considered a catch while an outspoken sales professional is considered tragic. Am I better off find a guy deserving of me to settle down with? I'd like to think so. But it doesn't mask the emotions involved in seeing an ex with his fiance. Just sayin....over and out.

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  1. Okay so I did tell you that I wouldn't comment on all of your blog postings and yet, here I am, AGAIN. Sorry, I have to share. I briefly (very briefly) dated a weirdo and after failing to return anymore of his calls (you break up via text-I just stop all forms of communication, indefinitely) a year or so later he turns up at the Francis Marion, of all places, on the night I'm working. The best part-there's a note on his reservation that says he's planning to propose to his gf and to upgrade his room. Sigh...if only that were it. After he had obviously popped the question (and she said yes), he called from his room to order a bottle of champagne and guess who answered and then connected his call? Yep, that would be ME. Thank God for caller ID, I didn't say my name. The other best part-Lucas kept telling me, hey Blair, just think-that could've been you...