Thursday, April 26, 2012

You're Welcome

This post may come out of left field, but I have not been blogging about my personal experiences lately and this is going to be a cluster fuck of randomness. So hence the title, "You're Welcome."

So I've been dating a bit. One guy in particular...we'll call him Jay. Sweet guy. Tall. Funny. BEARD! (I a love a the mountain man look!!!!) Dark hair and B-E-A-UTIFUL green eyes! We went on our first date about a month or so ago. Totes didn't feel up to it. Honestly I was a little hungover, jaded, and all around bored with the dating scene. But due to the fact that I was NOT content with turning 29 a spinster, I gave it a go. We were to meet at Triangle Char & Bar in West Ashley. I got there first (awkward). I sat at the bar and just prayed every dude that passed my way was not him. Then finally this tall (thank god) security guard looking guy (but less threatening...more of just a big dude) walked up to me. I'm kind of into big dudes though because let's face it; I'm no Mary Kate Olsen and me and bigger dudes fit. But all of that aside, homeboy was very attractive...I was intrigued. He had a pretty confident vibe about him, but I could tell there was some vulnerability that I could work with behind that ego. Anyway, we've been on several more dates: Comedy club, Bluegrass Festival, more bar crawling....and as much as I like him and want to let things progress, there's this hesitation in my asshole of a brain that makes me want to slam on the brakes every time I get close to a guy that is too perfect for me. Tiny red flags turn into giant warning signs and I blow a small situation into a Category 5 relationship hurricane! For instance: he invited me to go camping with him and his friends this weekend. Fan-fucking-tastic!!! I love camping!!! I was looking forward to meeting his friends and singing and laughing and telling stories into the wee hours of the morning. Well at least that's what camping is to me. So imagine my surprise when this afternoon he tells me that most of his friends backed out and it would just be him and I with one of his guy friends...ok. Might not sound terrible, but definitely not ideal. I mean, I've only known Jay for, like, a month and I have no idea who the fark this other dude is, so why would I want to be stranded on the island with Jay and Gilligan?? I could hate that guy...or he could be a creepster...or who knows??? He could be motha lovin' Ted Bundy??? He didn't see it that way. And I don't blame him. I've been putting him off a bit because of my relationship phobias and so he probably just thinks this is just me putting him off again...but this is for real! I just don't want to hang out with some dude I don't know with the guy I'm that weird?? I don't think so. But who knows...I'm a crazy hoishiminia (yea I made that word up in 5th grade). So I told him we'd hang out tomorrow and he can go on a bromantic camping trip with homeboy on Saturday.

Long story short, I do like the guy. He's sweet. He's honest. He's funny and very likable all around. I don't want to sabotage a good thing because of my idiosycrasies! This blog is open to the public because I need your comments and advice!! Help a single lady out!!!


  1. Good call on not wanting to go camping with two guys. Regardless of how cool the guy is, you need to take care of yourself.

    How ever as a suggestion, the next time he invites you camping, take a friend of your own so that you have someone to back you up in a pinch.

    Best of luck with your mountain man type person.

    1. Yea, all my friends already had plans =( Thanks for backing me up though =) Thanks for reading! You stay sexy, Atiya!!