Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top 5 Types of Crazy that Land Women in Spinsterville...#5: Drama Queen Crazy (DQC)

I know. I can most definitely be a drama queen. Now, am I the craziest of drama queens? Hell to the no. But I can escalate a situation from 0 to 60 in less than a minute and no I'm not proud of it. Neither should any other DQC's out there! This is something I've been trying to improve on for years and I must say that it has enhanced my quality of life tenfold! That being said, I will take you on an educational journey through the different definitions of a drama queen, why boys no likey, and how to purge the drama without losing yourself.

Drama queens are those who take the most insignificant issue and wildly spin it into a catacollismic crisis of massive proportions. They're the ones crying in a restaurant bathroom because their boyfriend is paying more attention to the waitress than to them. Or the one who opens their big mouth disclosing a secret told to them in confidence because they can't resist the temptation of a true life soap opera. Or they take on the feelings and opinions of an acquaintance only so that they are not left on the sidelines of a juicy game of gossip beat down. The thing that all these DQCs have in common is their utter lack of ability to think about anyone other than themselves. It's disgusting really. Why isn't he paying more attention to me? Because he's ordering FOOD and trust don't get in the way of a man and his food. That waitress may as well be Rosie O'Donnell because the only breasts he's thinking about are the ones on his plate. And telling secrets for your own social relevance? Please! I have learned first hand that all this does is make both parties not trust you. Its pathetic really. You're not gaining any credit are meerly the weak link that is broken and no one can respect that. And choosing sides? Are we in 5th grade? Well that is where girls learned this game. Choosing sides, campaigning for followers to make the other side miserable. I know it sounds juvenile but TRUST ME, this shit still goes on well past your forties. I'm obvi not past forty, but I have parents. We talk. All of these things happen on a day to day basis and they will continue to go on as long as our over the top DQCs are still out there!

Now let me have the attention of my you really think that all this energy you're putting forth to make yourself feel better, is being used in the most productive way it could be? If you were to use the energy you spent spinning up drama webs and turn it into something positive, you wouldn't feel the need for constant drama. Your soul would be light and you could spend your time being care free and happy. And honestly, sometimes you need to reevaluate your friends for a drama purging to be successful. I know its hard but I've done it. And I have been honest about it when the relationship doesn't fade organically. You just let them know that if y'all can't go out without inevitably creating drama or if you can't have a conversation without talking negatively about others, etc. then you'll just have to spent some time apart. The rest works itself out.  Don't get me wrong, Drama Queens have their positives...we are creative, outspoken, fun, lively and entertaining. So don't lose all of these great qualities! Just use them for the greater good.

That being said, if you can spin that energy, guys will totally notice your carefree spirit and overall lightness. But if you don't...don't say I never warned ya. Dudes hate drama queens. Do you really think a man's gonna want to hold your purse every time you bow up for girl fights? Or have to listen to you nag about all of the arguments you blew up in your head? NO! So lay off it ladies.

In conclusion...seeing as this is the last of my 5 part series, I would like to thank you for bearing with me and giving me your support through all the crazies. That was not as easy as I thought. But remember...whether you're a PFC, SFC, PGC, PCC or DQC...this is not a lifetime sentence! Life is all about learning and growing. You need to figure out who you are, what you love about yourself and what you'd like to change about yourself. Change can be hard but its also fun and liberating! Be true to you, but if parts of you are whack, send that shit packing...because you're worth it! Muah! Xoxo!!

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