Monday, February 13, 2012

THE Ex Says "I Still Love You"...Yowzas!!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an amaxing weekend! I sure as hell did...understatement. But the night that blew my mind was Friday. Some of the gals and I went to check out my buddies reggae band's video shoot. I was dressed to impress in my typical dress and boots combo and feeling hot! Thank GOD I chose the particular outfit I did because I ran into THE ex. Not some short lived romance ex...THE ex that was my first love whom I dated for 7+ years. This was the relationship that almost broke me. It was a cripplingly dependent hot mess of a rollercoaster ride I shared with this fellow. We broke up and got back together more times than I can even count. I was cheated on, pushed around, and we both partook in some verbal abuse. But the last time we were together, he lived in an apartment complex on JI where I pretty much lived with him. When a new neighbor moved in across the hall, we both introduced ourselves and made her feel welcome. I immediately knew something was off with this chick, but whatevs. As time went on, he and I started to become a little distant and before I knew it, homegirl was doing his laundry and bringing him dinner!?!? I thought it was funny because by this time, everyone knew this chick was bonkers and I thought he was just taking advantage of her obvious crush on him. After some more time had passed, I made the bold decision to move out to Seattle for a while and we broke up. It wasn't long after that (I'm talking a hot minute) little birdies were telling me that the ex and goof troop were shacking up. (I later found out that they had actually been bumping uglies long before I was out of the picture). Awesome...I really hadn't given him enough credit. Dude was a ninja with his affairs...or maybe I was just blind. ANYWAY...they are still together and her and I have had words with each other on several different occasions...but after seeing her on Friday, I knew I had won. This is going to sound real shitty, so I will preface this with an apology...but my scale of attractiveness had way surpassed hers. She had gained a shit ton of weight and I had lost a bunch and I've grown into my looks whereas she had apparently gotten comfortable during her dependent lifestyle with Casanova. I actually felt sorry for her. I knew what that was like. I had been there! So I decided to take her aside and squash the tension. She wasn't having it, but the talk was really for me anyway, so who cares. But later on that evening, the ex walks up to me when goof troop wasn't around and said...wait for it..."YOU KNOW I STILL LOVE YOU!" Really dude? After all this time, you want to try and dredge this shit back up again?? I was furious. How dare him!?!? But after the initial shock wore off, a surprising feeling of relief came over me! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! I did not care in the SLIGHTEST that he still had feelings for me. If anything I just felt sorry for him because I have moved so past this that I can't even see him in the rear view mirror and just seeing me once has him professing his love. Do I really think he loves me still? No...I think him shwasty faced on dark liquor loves the idea of me. But it just blew my mind. Not so much that he said it, but that I couldn't care less. Go me! So of course after that interaction with both of them I made sure to stay in their eye line and dance with the cutest guys there, but I had to get some enjoyment out of it! Call me a bitch. You won't be the only one. But at least I'm a self-fulfilling, happy bitch! You're welcome. Over and out bitches.

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