Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Greetings bitches! Well I have gotten into lots of shannanigans the past 11 days!! It kicked off on Thursday 6/28 when I went to my mom's house for dinner and was surprised by 15-20 of my closest girl friends for my birthday. And I partied all weekend for my birthday including Monday (my actual birthday) and Tuesday (birthday dinner at dad's) until I left for Seattle on Wednesday for my college buddy's wedding. So needless to say, I partied the whole time I was there. So yea, my liver apologizes for not allowing me to write in a while. 


But all this birthday chaos and wedding hoopla got me thinking. Even after seeing all the happily married/engaged couples...I realized I like my single life. I really do. And I don't think I'm at a place that even if I was in a relationship, I could really settle ALL THE WAY down (ie: marriage, moving in, etc.) I would get bored and complacent and want to pull my hair out (or theirs). My life is the shit right now...well at least I think so. I can come and go as I please, I can leave dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor until I have company over, I can watch whatever the hell I want, I can spend my money on whatever the hell I please and I don't have to share my bed! Companionship? Who needs it? If I want to spend time with a dude or need something to be fixed, I have plenty of guy friends for that. And any other needs I can take care of with my B.O.B. (look it up) or an occasional booty call...I know I talk about this all the time, but the "tick tock" feeling of despair over being single at age 30 is a thing of the past! Do I want to have kids one day? Maybe. Do I want to wear that white dress and walk down the aisle? Sure. But what we late 20's and older single ladies don't realize is that there is so much fun and happiness to take advantage of NOW while we have no one else to answer to like a husband/boyfriend or kid! We waste so much time on online dating and bar scouring and dating douche bags when we could be living our fabulous lives and letting life happen to us, not the other way around. Think about how much stress could be avoided if you simply STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP STATUS. Even when you are dating someone...stop picturing yourself walking down the aisle or having kids with him. Let life happen to you. I am on official day 1 of "letting life happen to me." I will not waste another single minute wondering about my future dating life. I will not waste one more second looking at dating sites or scouring a crowd for a potential suitor. I am JUST GOING TO LET LIFE HAPPEN. I will keep you posted on how that works out. 

Over and out BITCHES!



  1. That's and epicly awesome picture. Nice Helmet.

    1. Haha, thanks! My buddy bought it at the Pike Place Market this weekend and I couldn't take the damn thing off because of it's amaxingness!!